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Europe is one of the five inhabited traditional continents of the Earth. Physically and geologically, Europe is the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, west of Asia. Europe is bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, and to the southeast by the waterways adjoining the Mediterranean to and including the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. On the east, Europe is divided from Asia by the water divide of the Ural Mountains and by the Caspian Sea. Europe is the world's second-smallest continent in terms of area and third-largest continent after Asia and Africa in population.

Sjobo Municipality is a Swedish municipality in Skane in southernmost Sweden where the market town of Sjobo with a population of 6,000 inhabitants is its seat. Sjobo started growing when it became a halt on the railway between Malmo to the west and Simrishamn on the east in the early 19th century. Today the town can not be reached by rail, but a road through central Skane also crosses the municipality and town, while another large road from east to west also crosses it. Sjobo is one of the municipalities created during the municipal reform in the 1970s. Geographically, the town of Sjobo is flat terrained with many small houses and three long straight streets stretching through it, leading to larger roads. Located in north western municipality, some parts belong to the Lund Municipality. It offers fishing for European perch, pike, pikeperch and eel.

There are at least five largely authentic medieval churches from the 12th century in the municipality, the churches of Sodra Asum, Tolanga, Bjorka, Blentarp and Everlov. Apart from religious activities, there is the annual festival Sjobo marknad or fair, first held in 1864, one of the largest country fairs in Sweden, noted for its pottery commerce. Sweden is a Nordic country in Scandinavia. It is bordered by Norway in the west, Finland in the northeast, the Skagerrak Strait and the Kattegat Strait in the southwest, and the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia in the east.

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