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Right on track, Alsace unveils one of Europe's largest railway collections

ALSACE, FRANCE, March, 2005– Renovated, enlarged and modernized, the French Railway Museum has experienced a rebirth and is now Cité du Train (City of the Train), one of the most comprehensive railway museums in Europe. Located in Mulhouse, Alsace, the museum transports visitors back in time to the age of the locomotive, where they will embark on an interactive journey to discover the railway’s history. As of March 2005 the museum is open to the public, showcasing distinctive collections of trains including two new modern stage designs – “The Golden Age of Railway” and “The Railway Adventure.”

Presenting several interactive exhibits, the museum offers travelers a dynamic visit. Guests can climb aboard a number of locomotives to discover the mythical décor and to be photographed during their fantasy travels. Additionally, an audio guide, available in English, French and German, provides visitors the opportunity to explore the museum at their own pace, uncovering amazing masterpieces from the history of the railway. Some of these works include the Buddicom from 1844, the oldest authentic locomotive seen in Eastern Europe; Empress Eugenie’s parlor car, which comes from the imperial train, decorated by the architect Viollet-le-Duc; and the PRI, decorated in Art Deco style and used by heads of state from 1925 to 1971.

Upon entering the museum, guests will explore “The Golden Age of Railway.” Designed around several themes, this area is loaded with visual effects and utilizes reconstructed models, audiovisual demonstrations and video terminals to share the story of the most prestigious trains. Afterward, visitors are invited into an educational exhibit, “The Railway Adventure,” to learn about the locomotive’s technical history from beginning to present day.

“Enthusiasts, connoisseurs and travelers alike will find an unusual adventure at the museum,” said Philippe Choukroun, Director of the Alsace Tourist Board. “Many associations have worked hard to provide visitors to Alsace an entertaining journey and to make this railway museum one of the finest in the world.”

Mulhouse, Alsace is also home to the National Automobile Museum. The synergy of these two collections reinforces the region’s rich industrial heritage.

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