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What’s Doing in Central Europe's "European Quartet" in 2005

New York, NY -- The countries of the “European Quartet” – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – will provide Europe-bound tourists a wide variety of exciting experiences in 2005.

This year Central Europe offers an array of travel experiences, crowned by a diversity of unique cultures, easy access and great value. Although the four countries are among the newest members of the European Union, each has retained its local currency, offering tourists a respite from the impact of an increasingly expensive Euro which many travelers have been experiencing elsewhere on the Continent.

In 2005, the European Quartet will showcase the region with a wealth of travel experiences, spanning cultural, culinary, sportive and sightseeing activities. Below are just a few of the events travelers can enjoy throughout Central Europe in 2005:



Where: Throughout Prague

Winter and spring Ball Season is just one of many exciting highlights of this enticing city. A plethora of ball events, attended by people of all ages, are found throughout the finest venues in Prague, among them the stately Narodni dum in Vinohrady or the Art Nouveau landmark, the Municipal House. While less formal than Viennese balls, Prague balls are lively and fun affairs with music ranging from the classical waltzes, foxtrots and polkas to more exotic tangos and sambas.

MARCH 26-28

Where: Throughout the country

With diverse celebrations across the country, Easter in the Czech Republic is many things to many people. Larger communities host special concerts, which are typically held at local castles, churches or cathedrals. For others, the yearly fest is an opportunity to make a pilgrimage to a favorite church or monastery. Easter markets are held in larger towns; restaurants feature Easter menus. The countryside offers a glimpse of colorful folk customs which are still observed, while open-air museums hold Easter-weekend festivals.

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