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O'Pair ties parents and tots together

Parents who travel want to keep their children close by – but those old fashioned harnesses and leashes are often frowned upon. Now, there's an innovative new way to help keep little ones safe while traveling.

O'Pair is a connectable waist pack! Mom or dad wears one pack, the child wears the other and a retractable line connects the two. With its hands-free operation and stylish look, O'Pair is designed to be a more effective and socially acceptable alternative to a child's leash.

The parent's pocket is large enough to hold a wallet, keys and even a small camera. Even better for travel – especially at tourist attractions, amusement parks, beaches, museums, etc.

The adjustable pack straps around the waist for all-day comfort and comes in three characters – Corky the Cat, Simon the Frog, and Owen the Pig. Suggested retail price is US $24.95, and the pack is available for purchase online.

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