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Combined Flights to the Azores, mainland Portugal, and Madeira

AUGUST, 2005 - Azores Express, part of the SATA Group, and TAP Air Portugal have announced an expanded code share partnership that covers all flights from the Azores to mainland Portugal, and Madeira. This means that effective this month passengers have more flights and choices from the U.S. to the Azores and to Lisbon, Porto and Funchal on Madeira.

The two Portuguese carriers started a code share in April of 2002.
American passengers now will have more connecting flights to chose from on a single ticket, including services from Boston and Providence, via the Azores , to other Portuguese cities. Now the two top Portuguese airlines will offer flights between Lisbon and Funchal, Terceira, Ponta Delgada, Pico, Horta, and Santa Maria, as well as between Porto and Funchal and Ponta Delgada, and between Ponta Delgada and Funchal.

"This cooperation between these two companies in a code share will have many positive benefits," said Segundo Antonio Cansado, President of SATA.
"It offers a greater flexibility to passengers, bringing greater access, which is very import to the markets we serve."

Azores Express, part of the SATA Group, offers five direct flights to São Miguel, the main island in the Azores, a week in the summer, with connecting service to Lisbon, Porto and Madeira. The carrier also flies two direct flights to Lisbon from Boston, and one to the Azores from Providence, Rhode Island in the summer. All SATA flights conveniently connect with inter-island flights in the Azores. The flight from Boston to Ponta Delgada is only four hours in length. The airline offers 2 weekly flights from Boston to the Azores year-round.

The archipelago of the Azores, the closest point in Europe to New England, was discovered during the first half of the 15th-century by Portuguese navigators. Its sapphire blue and emerald green lakes, fertile prairies, volcanic cones and craters, colorful hydrangeas and azaleas, 15th century churches and majestic manor houses make the Azores unlike anywhere else on earth. The islands have a year-round mild climate (between 57-F and 71-F).

Azores Express has connected New England with the Azores and mainland Portugal for more than 18 years. The carrier is part of the SATA Group, which connects the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, with the world. SATA, founded in 1946, offers connecting service to all nine islands in the Azores, as well as more than six Europe cities.

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