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Germany: A Great Place to Visit

A division of more than 40 years finished on October 3rd of 1990. The Federal Republic of Germany, since that date, begins a new walk that brings its borders from the Netherlands and France, to Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as in south-north direction from Austria and Switzerland to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The unification of the “two Germanies”, not only has signified an important change in Europe, but also the possibility for the traveler to see a country of more than 200,000 square miles, with nearly 80 million inhabitants, and where you can find cities in which the history of Europe has been forged.

The official language of the country is German, and in most tourist places, English is spoken as well. The weather is soft, damp, and it is always recommended to be prepared for rains. Winters are particularly cold. Among all German cities, public transportation is the best means of communication. Costs vary depending on the city, but in general it is the best and most economic way to move in a city. When traveling to Germany, do not forget to visit the following cities: Berlin (World Time Clock, the Cathedral of Berlin, museums), Postdam, Dresde, Leipzig, Weimar, Eisenach, Wenigerode, and Wittemberg.

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