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The Abbey Theatre in Dublin

Also recognized as the National Theatre of Ireland, the Abbey Theatre located in Dublin was founded by W. B. Yeats and Lady Augusta Gregory in 1903. It opened its doors for the first time to the public on December 1904. An interesting fact about the Abbey is that it was the first state-subsidized theatre in the Anglophone world. Although its original building was damaged by fire in 1951, the theatre achieves to rebirth thanks to the efforts of the Government to rebuild this historic building. It reopened on July 1966. The Abbey is considered by the Irish people as a place of culture, pride and heritage. For that reason, the State continues supporting the theatre with an annual donation.

Today, the National Theatre is an important cultural attraction that a growth number of tourist visits every year. Some plays that have helped the theater become famous along the years are “The Faith Healer” in 1979 or “Dancing at Lughnasa” in 1990. The success of the Abbey made possible for it to compete with important theaters in London and Broadway. Therefore, if you love theater and you travel to Ireland, you should visit the Abbey. Do not miss that chance!

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