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Finland, the Land of a Thousand Dreams

Finland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It is situated in the easternmost of the Nordic countries. It is a large country covering approximately 130,500 square miles, and a 10 percent of that area is water. Finland has over 180 thousand lakes and as many islands. It also has more than five thousand rapids.

Each season gives Finland a unique and different aspect, but it is always enthralling. Finland reveals itself as a magical world where culture is in the same level as the world vanguard, its splendid buildings and the multitude of sport activities that it offers have made it a vacation paradise at any time of year.

In winter, everything is covered with white, but soon, the first strokes of light in April descend to reveal the soft green tones in the Finnish landscape, and the sky slowly becomes clear. The coming of summer tempers the environment with a warm breeze and autumn ripens fields until once again winter covers them with snow. All this clean and harmonious setting envelops a particular culture rich in traditions and history that is present in the elegant architecture of its cities and villages as well as in its people.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, and it is a friendly, relaxed city because of its easy-going people. The culture of Helsinki can be experienced in market places, cafés, clubs, exhibitions, and at a host of events throughout the city. Tampere and Turku are the other two cities one must never miss when visiting Finland. But regardless of the place you are in Finland, you can always see an amazing landscape and have very good time.

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