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Croatia: Art and Beauty in the Heart of Europe

The Republic of Croatia is a country in southeast Europe. It borders the Adriatic Sea, and it is located between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. It has a Mediterranean and continental weather, with warm and dry summers and cold, mild winters. It has a mountain environment, with the Dinaric Alps dominating the landscape. The main rivers of Croatia are the Danubio, Darva and Sava.

Croatia is a paradise of relaxation and a place of cultural enrichment that has natural and artistic jewels in each of its regions. A journey through this beautiful country allows you to discover an endless number of shelters from the noisy large cities and corners full of historical values.

This country, located in the heart of Europe, has transparent waters, virgin forests, lakes, paradisiacal isles and clear streams. Croatia, being one of the smallest countries of Europe, holds countless tourist attractions such as seven National Parks, beaches, and sea beds of incredible beauty and ecologic richness, lavender fields, ancient olive-groves and vineyards, cities catalogued as Universal Heritage by the UNESCO, scenario of festivals and international fairs, and ancestral traditions offspring of the gathering of different cultures.

Croatia is the ideal destiny for the ones who seek to detach from the eternal stress of cosmopolitan life and one of the preferred for the lovers of nautical sports.

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