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The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Located in the centre of Amsterdam, the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her diary during the Nazi madness is one of the most visited historical sites in Netherlands. The museum is very well preserved and is easy to reach by public transport. The Anne Frank House tells the history of the diarist and his family and highlights all forms of discrimination and persecution around the world. If you visit the museum, you will have the opportunity to see the original diary of Anne Frank with your own eyes. Also, you can enjoy other exhibitions such as “Free2choose”, where discussions take place about how fundamental rights cannot harmonize at times.

Since 1960, the Anne Frank House has been a museum and one of the most important testimonies of the cruelty and horror of the war. Thanks to the great efforts of Otto Frank, (the father of Anne Frank that wanted to know everything about what happened to his two daughters) many documents that are very important were preserved. After the war, he worked a lot collecting letters, original documents and objects from Anne and from other people in hiding. Therefore, if you visit the Anne Frank House you will understand and feel touched by the one of the historic tragedies of our world.

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