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Anne Hathaway’s Cottage: A Romantic Place!

One of the most romantic and beautiful houses in England is Anne Hathaway’s Cottage near Stratford. Anne Hathaway was the wife of the famous writer William Shakespeare. In this rural house, Hathaway spent her childhood and youth until she get married with Shakespeare in 1582. In the 16th century, this cottage was rather a large farmhouse identified as Hewlands. The property was owned by the Hathaway family. Their descendants resided there up to the late 19th century. Today, the house belongs to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust that is an autonomous educational charity which depends completely of the public for support.

In the Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, you will be delighted by its beautiful garden where you will be relaxed accompanied by the wonderful perfumed flowers and herbs reminiscent of old England. In addition, the architecture of the house and the interior are well preserved and offer many features to appreciate thanks to the efforts of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. For example, in the kitchen you will be able to see the original old bake oven that has always been in the house. Therefore, if you are an enthusiast of William Shakespeare plays and works, you will love to visit the Anne Hathaway’s Cottage as well as other museums in England with his works.

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