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The Aquarium of Genoa

In the charming city of Genoa in Italy, you will have the opportunity to visit the popular Aquarium of Genoa. Managed by Costa Edutainment Spa, the aquarium attracts over 1,200,000 visitors every year. Since its inauguration on October 15, 1993, the aquarium has accomplished its mission to educate and amuse from small children to grown-ups about the marine protection and consciousness to sensible management of aquatic settings. Today, this site is the largest aquarium in Europe and one of the most regularly visited cultural places in Italy. As a result, many educational and informative activities encouraged by educational institutions of all Europe take place in the aquarium.

Built in the Ancient Port, particularly for the Expo’92, the Aquarium of Genoa was developed and designed by the Genoese architect Renzo Piano. However, the interior was the planning of the American Peter Chermayeff. The aquarium is a truly masterpiece where you will be able to see and learn about thousands of marines species. The tanks structures and facilities for the animals are continually being improved and renewed. Therefore, if you travel to Italy, try to visit the Aquarium of Genoa and immerse yourself in the marvelous marine world.

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