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Estonia: Queen of the Baltic

Estonia is located in the shores of the Baltic Sea, south from the Gulf of Finland. The “Queen of the Baltic” offers plenty of tourist attractions, a wide spectrum of possibilities for leisure and entertainment. It has a beautiful natural heritage in which trails and natural parks succeed each other splashed by fjords, forests, and lakes.

Estonia also preserves numerous medieval villages populated by buildings of historical and artistic interest, where you can enjoy the life of a forgotten time. You cannot miss its mysterious islands either, among which the Saaremaaihiiuma stand out. Tallinn, the capital of the country, is the commercial and financial center of Estonia, and it has become one of the most important international cultural scenarios of the Baltic. In this city, all kinds of festivals and parties are celebrated: jazz music, theater, and folkloric music, among others. During the days of its festive calendar, you cannot only know the idiosyncrasy of this nation, but also discover other cultural aspects of Estonia, such as its delicious and varied gastronomy or its more precious handicraft. Throughout all the country, you can find large malls that sell national handicraft and other souvenirs. One of the most typical shoppings in the country is of its liquor Vana, which constitutes one of the symbols of the country.

Estonia is an independent country since 1991, and since then, it continues to progress. Joined with the Finnish ethnicity, Estonia has been able to make the transition from communism to capitalism without major conflicts and has known to conquer its independence more quickly and with more stability than the rest of its neighbor countries.

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