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Greece: Paradise of the Gods

Greece is special. Legends and mythology tell us that the gods chose this corner of the world to install their dwellings, and, when you travel through the country, it is clear that they made the best choice. In Greece, the most beautiful landscapes meet with the archeological remains of the civilizations that settled the bases of the occidental culture.

The art, philosophy, literature, and political thought were developed in these lands under the attentive gaze of the Olympian gods. However, the divine work did not end there, little by little the deities created small paradises to which they could retire: more than 2,000 wonderful islands. All of them have an incredible, savage, natural, and indescribable beauty, and you can still feel the divine magic and the wave of wisdom left by the wonderful civilizations that occupied this country. The lands where Homer gave birth to Odysseus, where Icharus burned his wings trying to fly to the sun, where the mighty Minotaur terrified Cretan maidens after they entered the Labyrinth, and where Sappho composed her sublime poetry and committed suicide in the name of love, disappoint no one.

The look in the eye of a Greek tells a slight melancholy that enriches the fascination for this joyful, open, curious, and very communicative people. There is nothing better than to talk to them and be enthralled by their tales, legends, wishes, and hopes. They are the direct descendants of the gods.

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