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The Amazing Armory in Graz

Built by Anton Solar between 1642 and 1645 and situated on Herrengasse Street, the Armory is definitely one of the most interesting and attractive historical monuments in Graz. In the past, the strategic and political importance of Graz caused that its armory became one of the most important weapons store in the south-east of the Habsburg Empire. With an impressive arsenal of armors, rifles and bladed weapons dating mostly from the 16th and 17th centuries, it is probably the most extraordinary arms collection in the world. Today, this well preserved armory counts on an array of 32,000 weapons and devices of all kinds.

The baroque entrance that is flanked by two remarkably voluptuous statues is a truly work of art. Created by Giovanni Mamolo, the statues represent Minerva (goddess of war and the arts) and Mars (war god). Some implements of war that you will find in the armory are 30,000 harnesses, helmets, coast of mail, swords, pikes, pistols, harquebus, among others. The building consists of fives floors wherein you will find, in each one, the different kinds of weapons organized according to the period. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Graz, do not forget to visit the amazing armory!

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