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At-Bristol in England: Educating for the Future!

One of the most fascinating and revolutionary places in England is the famous public science and technology exploration and education center At-Bristol. The center includes three major attractions which are Wildwalk, Explore and IMAX Theater. Wildwalk is the biology section of the site that will take you in a wonderful journey through the rich world of animals and plants, with astonishing images and sounds. The second section named Explore, consist of an interactive center with the latest multimedia techniques where you will see great visuals highlights about earth science, physics, chemistry, computer science and technology. Finally, in the IMAX Theater you will experience an enormous and modern screen where you will be able to see breathtaking 3D shows. Also, it has a planetarium.

At-Bristol is an attraction that was especially designed for families and children. Certainly, after you visit At-Bristol, you will agree that this place is one of the United Kingdom most inspiring and thrilling attractions combining nature, science and the arts. Therefore, if you travel to England, you should try to visit Bristol. Moreover, if you have luck and are in Bristol, you should take advantage of it and enjoy the numerous events that always take place in the center such as the Bristol Festival of Nature.

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