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The Aughnanure Castle in Ireland

Probably, one of the most important and attractive places to visit in Ireland is the Aughnanure Castle in Galway. Built in the 16th century by the O’Flahertys clan, the castle is located on a rocky island near the shores of Lough Corrib. It is very well preserved and it offers great panoramic views of picturesque surroundings to the tourists. Also, in the castle you will find the remains of a banqueting hall, a curious double bawn (a fortified enclosure), a watch tower as well as bastions and dry harbors. Even though it is described as a castle, this kind of building is rather a tower house.

In those times, the main importance of this type of construction was to control and exercise power over the neighboring area. During the 17th century the castle was used by Cromwellians as a stronghold to defend the approach of Galway from the west. The castle is a historic site now owned by the Office of Public Works (in charge of protecting and preserving the main heritage sites of Ireland). Thanks to them you will enjoy and learn more about the history of Ireland, specifically about this castle that is a jewel of the Irish past!

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