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Greenland: An Intriguing Island

Located in the Arctic Ocean, next to the Antarctica, the island constitutes the largest extension of frozen land in the planet. More than 80 percent of its area is covered with a layer of ice. In June, after the quick thaw, in certain parts of the coast, vegetation of moss and lichens appears. Most of the population is concentrated in the west, where weather is the least severe. Fishing constitutes the base of the economy; fish and whale oil are exported. The island seeks tourism as an alternative to its income, and more than 35,000 tourists arrive each year.

Greenland is a self-governed territory that belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark. It mainly comprises the island of the same name, located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean, and belonging to the continent of America. It is known as the largest island of the world, except from the island-continent of Australia.

In its capital, Nuuk, you can find the Greenland National Museum and the Post Office of Santa Claus, you can discover the Inuit culture and learn the basics of its language, learn to build an igloo and travel in sledge. You can admire the Aurora Borealis and the Fata Morgana, the most amazing natural phenomena in the world. You can fly in helicopter over the fjords and the glaciers, watch the icebergs and learn about the life of whales and walruses. Just don’t get too close to polar bears.

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