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Europe is one of the five inhabited traditional continents of the Earth. Physically and geologically, Europe is the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, west of Asia. Europe is bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, and to the southeast by the waterways adjoining the Mediterranean to and including the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. On the east, Europe is divided from Asia by the water divide of the Ural Mountains and by the Caspian Sea. Europe is the world's second-smallest continent in terms of area and third-largest continent after Asia and Africa in population.
Heerlen is a municipality and a town in the southeastern Netherlands and the second biggest city in the province of Limburg. It currently is part of Parkstad Limburg. It has the total area of 45.50 square kilometers, land of 45.04 square kilometers and water of 0.46 square kilometers. As per 2005, it had the total population of 91,479 and total density of 2,053 square kilometers.
In the 19th century it became a centre for the coal mining industry. In the 20th century, architect Frits Peutz played a major role shaping the city. His most famous design and a distinctive building in the city centre, is the so-called Glaspaleis, formerly housing the Schunck department store and now a cultural centre, located next to the Pancratiuskerk. It is a national monument and listed as one of the 1000 most important buildings of the 20th century.
Even though these signs of earlier habitation exist, the history of Heerlen starts with the arrival of the Romans. They founded a military settlement and named it Coriovallum. The settlement was founded on the crossroad of two main roads Boulogne sur Mer – Cologne, Xanten, Aachen and Trier.
Heerlens’ best known architectural feature is without a doubt Frits Peutzs’ Glaspaleis, but it has much more to offer. Although many interesting buildings were demolished around 1900, some buildings from before that period still exist in the centre of Heerlen. As it is often regarded as among the most beautiful parts of Europe, it is one of the most visited places amongst the most die hard travelers the world over.

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