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Some people often feel afraid when they are faced to new situations such as traveling to other places. This can be explained, in part, by the uncertainty that causes not knowing the places and the people you will find there. If you do not want this to happen to you, keep up with the latest information regarding Europe. Remember that the more you know about a place, the more comfortable you will feel there. Thinking about this, we have gathered several press releases with the latest news in regard to this amazing continent. Introduces Three Fantastic Offers to Disneyland Resort Paris 03/07/2006
Casanova at Castello di Spessa in Italy03/07/2006
Christine Conrad's Mademoiselle Benoir: A foreigner's life and love in a French village02/22/2006
BikeToursDirect offers 20% savings on six European adventures02/22/2006
Tuscany's Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort turns 5002/22/2006
Travel for Teens offers summer adventures in Europe02/22/2006
Málaga commemorates Picasso02/22/2006
CVS one-time-use camcorder has color preview screen02/22/2006
Romanesque treasures attract travelers to Catalonia02/22/2006
Born at a kitchen table, Umbriacooks4u is a recipe for success02/22/2006
Girls' Night In: The fairy-tale pajama party for ladies of luxury02/22/2006
Helsinki is the new Finnish 'Mini-Gourmopolis'02/22/2006
Buddy Bombard celebrates 30 years with a 52-day tour of 7 countries02/22/2006
Azores air-hotel packages from Boston start at US $57902/22/2006
See Britain through the eyes of Charles Dickens02/22/2006
Capri's Hotel Caesar Augustus: October Getaway Package from Naples Airport02/22/2006
Tuscan Way offers early-booking discounts for 2006 cooking vacations in Italy02/22/2006
VisitBritain brings you to 'Pride & Prejudice Country'02/22/2006
Spain is PlanetOut's gay destination of the year02/22/2006
Combined Flights to the Azores, mainland Portugal, and Madeira02/22/2006
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