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CVS one-time-use camcorder has color preview screen

January, 200 -- CVS Pharmacy is now offering the CVS One-Time-Use Camcorder at more than 3,000 CVS retail locations in the United States.

The simple-to-use, pocket-sized camcorder weighs less than 5 ounces, costs less than US $30, and holds 20 minutes of digital-quality video and sound. You can play back and delete video footage with the camera, then return the camera to any CVS Pharmacy 1-hour photo lab for a DVD. (The DVD is compatible with standard DVD players and computers with DVD drives.)

Video sharing online or by e-mail

The DVD includes software that lets you share your video by e-mail or with video greeting cards. You don't even need to install the software on your computer. Here's how it works:

The software uploads the video file to the CVS Online Video Gallery. After receiving an e-mail or video greeting card, the recipient has 30 days to view and/or download the video. The Gallery recognizes whether the recipient has a PC or Mac and automatically chooses whether to stream the video in Windows Media or Quicktime format. It also recognizes the user's connection speed (dial-up or broadband) and optimizes the video stream appropriately.

Digital still cameras from CVS

In addition to the CVS One-Time Use Camcorder, CVS Pharmacy offers two models of the CVS Digital One-Time Use Camera--one with a 1.4" preview screen for US $19.99, and the other without the screen but with a delete feature for $9.99. With both models, you simply return the fully recyclable camera to a CVS 1-hour photo lab to obtain 20 film-quality prints and a photo CD.

To see or purchase CVS one-time-use camcorders and digital cameras, visit your nearest CVS one-hour photo lab. CVS has a store finder at its Web site,

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