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Travel for Teens offers summer adventures in Europe

2006 - Surf, sail and kayak in Northwest Ireland, Relax in Budapest floating in a hot pool of mineral water, spend a day of fashion in Paris, or prepare a fresh pasta dinner with a Tuscan chef! All those exciting activities and more through Travel For Teens this summer!

Travel For Teens is your summer travel agent, plus your activities director all rolled into one! Travel For Teens is the only teen travel program bridging the gap between classroom learning and recreational teen tours. The company manages to provide the freedom and fun teens crave, without compromising the security parents require. They also have the unique ability to get insider access unattainable as a tourist and unavailable to the public!

Destinations include: Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Portugal, London, Belgium and Amsterdam. Travel For Teens offers single destination trips as well as trips stopping in multiple spots. Prices begin at $2485, for a single trip to $12,500 for a whole summer's worth of travel. Dates vary based on trips.

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