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Some people often feel afraid when they are faced to new situations such as traveling to other places. This can be explained, in part, by the uncertainty that causes not knowing the places and the people you will find there. If you do not want this to happen to you, keep up with the latest information regarding Europe. Remember that the more you know about a place, the more comfortable you will feel there. Thinking about this, we have gathered several press releases with the latest news in regard to this amazing continent.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World unveil Global Gift Certificates02/22/2006
BritRail adds free travel day to most popular rail passes02/22/2006
O'Pair ties parents and tots together02/22/2006
Antiques tour offers shopping with shipping in Central Europe02/22/2006
Helsinki launches new Design District02/22/2006
Renault Eurodrive cuts pick-up/drop-off fees at locations outside France02/22/2006
Cellular Abroad introduces "Email Abroad," an e-mail device for telephones02/22/2006
What’s Doing in Central Europe's "European Quartet" in 200502/22/2006
Right on track, Alsace unveils one of Europe's largest railway collections02/22/2006
Eat, drink, and learn at a Paris lunchtime seminar02/21/2006
Food Author Launches Culinary Classes and Walks in Nice, France02/21/2006
Germany offers religious, historical, and cultural destinations and events in 200502/21/2006
Meet an Italian family around the kitchen table02/21/2006
VisitBritain launches So British, a magazine for luxury travelers02/21/2006
New Museum Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill's Death02/21/2006
EuropebyAir Flight Pass adds a 24th airline02/21/2006
Germany Rolls Out the Red Carpet for World Cup Travelers02/21/2006
Renault Eurodrive Offers GPS on Nine Car Models02/21/2006
BikeToursDirect Offers "one-stop shopping" for Bike Tours in Europe02/21/2006
Tissot T-Navigator 3000 Watch Gives Instant Access to 24 Time Zones02/21/2006
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