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Cellular Abroad introduces "Email Abroad," an e-mail device for telephones

Email Abroad is a simple e-mail device that is suitable for many overseas travelers. If you only need to send and receive e-mails, it's quicker, less expensive, easier and lighter than lugging around a PC. It's also faster and more convenient than looking for Internet cafés.

The small (8½ x 3¼ x ¾ inches) clamshell device is sturdy and lightweight. Open the cover and it looks like a mini-laptop computer, with a keyboard on the bottom and a screen on the top. Although the screen is only 1 3/4 inches by 4 inches, the icons are large and the text is readable. A quick review of the included instructions will get you up and running swiftly and easily.

Email Abroad is powered by 2 AA batteries. It needs no other power and has no cords or wires, so it is very mobile. Besides being an e-mail device, Email Abroad is also a Personal Digital Assistant with an integrated address book, calendar, scheduler, memo pad, and calculator. This means you can write e-mail, schedule appointments, and enter memos while on the go.

To send an e-mail, you simply compose your e-mail, then dial a toll-free number from just about any telephone, including cell phones.

Flip up the small rubber-lined microphone on the bottom of Email Abroad, place the device up against the telephone receiver, and press the Send button. Lights on the front of the device signal when transmission is completed, and you can then hang up the phone and read the new e-mails that you've received.

Email Abroad toll-free numbers are available for the US, Canada, and several foreign countries.

Who needs Email Abroad:
E-mail Abroad is most suitable for vacation or business travelers who need a quick and easy solution for checking emails even in the most remote areas -- just as long as there is even a payphone available. It's also popular with cyclists or backpackers who can't afford the heft of lugging around a PC.

While Email Abroad is not for everyone, it does serve a need for unwired travelers who don't want to be constantly searching for Internet cafes or libraries where they can send and receive e-mail.

Available for rental or purchase
Email Abroad rentals start at US $29 plus shipping. You can also buy the device with a service package that includes an e-mail account and a year's worth of service.

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