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Renault Eurodrive Offers GPS on Nine Car Models

Early Bird discounts are available on select GPS models from February 15 - March 31

New York, NY, February, 2005 -- Getting around Europe by car can test the patience of even experienced travelers. The winding streets of ancient cities, built when donkey carts were state-of-the-art transportation, can make finding a hotel a vexing experience, especially if a couple of kids in the back seat keep asking, “Are we there yet?”

That's just the kind of situation in which a global positioning system would come in very handy. The problem is, though, finding a car in Europe with a built-in, state-of-the-art GPS system is virtually impossible. Thanks to Renault Eurodrive, it is possible to have a vacation car equipped with GPS. No more driving in circles looking for the right rue; no more desperately seeking cousin Gianni’s house. Renault Eurodrive’s GPS-equipped cars take the frustration out of vacation driving.

Renault's acclaimed Carminat GPS has a built-in wide screen color cartography display that shows drivers their location. The image zooms in or out at the touch of a button and the system speaks in a choice of languages. Drivers only have to punch in an address to receive detailed directions. The system even alerts drivers to missed turnoffs and traffic jams.

GPS is standard equipment on nine Renault models, so travelers can be sure of having a choice of vehicles with GPS at no extra charge. The GPS models include the Scenic and Grand Scenic, combining the modularity and spaciousness of a mini-van with the driving pleasure and maneuverability of a sedan; the sleek, high-tech Laguna sedan; the Megane Coupe convertible; the Espace minivan; the elegant Estate station wagon; and the deluxe Vel Satis.

Renault's top-of-the-line sedan, the luxurious Vel Satis is rivaled only by Mercedes and BMW. In addition to the standard Carminat GPS system, Vel Satis is equipped with six air bags, an electronic brake distribution system and other luxury features like a Grand Auditorium Cabasse radio and CD player; 4 x 40W speakers; 6-CD changer; electrically heated front seats, electronic memory for the driver's seat and door mirror settings; electric child safety features; and heated windshield washers. Many of these features simply are not available on the stripped-down versions of Mercedes and BMW offered by car rental agencies. Plus, for the safety conscious driver, the Vel Satis has received EuroNCAP’s coveted five-star safety rating.

How Renault's Short-Term Lease Works

For travelers, Renault's Eurodrive program is very similar to a traditional car rental, but with important added benefits, like use of a brand-new car and comprehensive insurance with no deductible.

Renault has been offering short-term leases to foreign visitors for the past 50 years. To qualify, travelers must reside outside of Europe, must be staying in Europe for no more than 185 days and must not be working for a Europe-based company during that time. (In certain cases, leases can even be extended to one year.) Customers are charged a set fee for the first 17 days of the Renault lease and a nominal per day fee for the remaining time. Working within these requirements, Renault's short-term leasing program is designed especially for travelers staying in Europe between three weeks and six months, a time frame perfectly suited for students, teachers, retirees, expatriates and many others.

The Renault Eurodrive lease is technically a "purchase-repurchase" plan. A new car is registered in the customer's name and Renault finances the cost of the purchase. Customers are charged only for the time they need the car. As with a conventional lease, customers receive a brand new vehicle of their choosing from Eurodrive’s extensive fleet and the manufacturer agrees to take it back at a pre-arranged date.

It is hard to imagine a more perfect start to a European journey than sliding behind the wheel of a brand-new, factory fresh car. And thanks to a tax exemption for non-European residents, a Eurodrive short-term lease can work out to be a real bargain.

Renault Eurodrive Goes Beyond Rental Car Companies

In addition to the security drivers can feel with having a car equipped with GPS, every Renault lease features a brand-new car with a full factory warranty, unlimited mileage, 24-hour English-speaking roadside assistance, and a free, comprehensive insurance policy that covers collision, personal injury, fire and theft with no deductible.

The Eurodrive program is accessible to drivers young and old. While many rental agencies require customers to be at least 23 or 25 and no older than 70, Eurodrive's minimum age is 18 and there's no maximum allowable age. And Renault's Europe-wide service and support network is extensive. In the unlikely event of a mechanical problem, Renault’s 24-hour English-speaking roadside assistance can arrange for towing and repair and help with car rental, hotel reservations or car replacement, as necessary. Leasing also means fewer geographic restrictions than renting. With 35 Renault pick-up and drop-off locations in nine countries, virtually all of Europe is open to Eurodrive customers, and it’s easy to pick up a car in one country and drop it off in another.

In 2005, the prices for GPS-equipped models are:

Scenic 1.6 with automatic transmission -- $1,399 for 17-day lease, $26/day thereafter
Grand Scenic 1.9dCi -- $1,449 for 17-day lease, $25/day thereafter
Laguna 3.0 V6 sedan with automatic transmission -- $1,749 for 17-day lease, $28/day thereafter
Megane Coupe convertible with automatic transmission and leather seats -- $1,799 for 17-day lease, $25/day thereafter
Estate 2.2dCi station wagon diesel with leather seats -- for $1,719 for 17-day lease, $28/day thereafter
Vel Satis 2.2 sedan dCi diesel -- $1,999 for 17-day lease, $29/day thereafter
Vel Satis 3.5 sedan V6 with automatic transmission -- $2,449 for 17-day lease, $30/day thereafter
Espace 5-seat minivan with automatic transmission -- $2,119 for 17-day lease, $30/day thereafter
Espace 7-seat minivan with automatic transmission -- $2,299 for 17-day lease, $32/day thereafter

Rates are valid for cars picked up anytime in 2005.

Early Bird Special

During Eurodrive’s Early Bird Promotion, five GPS-equipped models are discounted for orders placed from February 15 through March 31. The discounted 17-day lease prices are as follows: the Scenic 1.6 automatic will be reduced to $1,299; the five-seat Espace automatic minivan will be reduced to $2,019; the Grand Scenic 1.9 dCi will be reduced to $1,349; the Laguna 3.0 V6 sedan automatic will be reduced to $1,599; and the Estate 2.2dCi station wagon will be reduced to $1,619. Cars can be picked up anytime in 2005.

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