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Renault Eurodrive cuts pick-up/drop-off fees at locations outside France

50% reduction applies to new orders placed by July 31 for pick-up by December 31

NEW YORK, NY -- Renault Eurodrive has good news for travelers who are looking for some economic relief on an upcoming European vacation. For a limited time, Eurodrive is cutting in half its delivery/return fees on its short-term leases -- which cost less and are bound by fewer restictions than European car rentals -- for all locations outside of France. These are the fees auto rental and leasing companies charge to recoup the costs of redistributing their vehicles. For example, it normally costs $200 to have your Renault delivered or returned to Milan, but now, it's only $100. Lisbon and Rome were $275 and now cost only $137.50.

The pick-up/drop-off fee discount applies to any new order placed by July 31, 2005. Cars can be picked up anytime through December 31, 2005. Drivers booking a car during this promotion will enjoy the following rate reductions on pick-up and drop-off fees:

Normally $150; now $75:


Normally $200; now $100:


Normally $275; now $137.50

St. Jacques de Compostelle
Vigo (Portugal)

Renault Eurodrive Makes All of Europe an Open Road

Technically a "purchase-repurchase" plan, the Renault Eurodrive program is an economical, more flexible alternative to traditional automobile rental in Europe. First introduced in 1954, the Eurodrive program has long been a best-kept secret in European travel. For a price less than a comparable auto rental, non-EU residents 18 and up (there's no upper age limit), can lease a brand-new factory-fresh, fuel-efficient and fully warranted Renault of their choice.

Most travelers from the U.S. have no problem qualifying for the bargain. The Eurodrive program is designed for non-EU residents traveling in Europe between 17 days and six months, a time frame perfectly suited for students, retires, expatriates, interns, journalists and anyone else with three or more weeks to spare. (In certain cases, leases can even be extended to one year.) Customers are charged a set fee for the first 17 days of the Renault lease and a nominal per day fee for the remaining time. The longer one leases a brand new Renault, the more they save on the daily rate.

Models with fuel-efficient, clean-burning diesel engines, as well as automatic transmissions and built-in Global Positioning Systems are all available in the Eurodrive fleet. And since all cars come straight from the plant, Renault Eurodrive customers always get exactly what they ask for complete with that "new car smell." What's more, in addition to a factory fresh car with unlimited mileage, every Renault Eurodrive lease comes with full comprehensive insurance with no deductible covering collision, personal injury, fire and theft at no extra charge.

Eurodrive sets the standard for convenience and service. With 35 pick-up and drop-off sites in nine European countries, Eurodrive customers can get a car in one country and leave it in another, something not always possible with a rental. Plus, Renault's continent-wide network of 17,000 service agents and qualified service stations is always at the Eurodrive customer's disposal -- a support system that far exceeds the resources of any rental company. In the unlikely event of a mechanical problem, there is never a charge for parts or labor under factory warranty. Should the need arise, based on contract conditions, Eurodrive's English-speaking staff will arrange for 24-hour roadside assistance and repair and help with car replacement, car rental, and hotel reservations if necessary.

2005 rates start at $799 for a 17-day lease of a sub-compact Renault Twingo with manual transmission.

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