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EuropebyAir Flight Pass adds a 24th airline

LOS ANGELES -- Aero Flight has joined the EuropebyAir Flight Pass program. Bill Wolf, President of EuropebyAir, states, "Aero Flight's routes between Germany and Russia, Italy, Spain, Greece and Bosnia will allow our travelers to reach the far corners of Europe quickly, easily and inexpensively. Reservations for Aero Flight's routes and the routes of the other 23 participating carriers in the EuropebyAir program are available for U.S. $99 per person one-way (plus tax).

Peer Winter, Airline Sales Manager for Aero Flight said, "Based in the gateway city of Frankfurt we provide scheduled service to and from Alicante, Catania, Karpathos, Corfu, Kos, Mikonos, Palma Mallorca, Sarajevo, St. Petersburg and Zakynthos. Service from Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart is also available to many of the same destinations and also to Rhodes and Santorini."

Wolf added: "Not only does this expand our route network, but it also allows our clients to fly on Aero Flight, which has the most modern fleet of Airbus aircraft in Europe."

Flight Passes are valid for on any of the 24 European based carriers participating in the Flight Pass program. All routes are priced at U.S. $99 one-way plus tax. Flight Passes are non-refundable, are sold outside of Europe only, and are not available for sale to European residents.

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