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The first step in providing you with your Basic Unit of Wealth is to attract leads — qualified leads that will set up a more effective and efficient closing process.

One fact that must not be overlooked, especially when it comes to Internet advertising, is that all leads are not created equal. A lot of companies can send you leads, but that's not always good enough. What you need are qualified leads. You need leads from people who are interested in what you have to offer, are in your geographic area (if that's important to you) and are otherwise eligible to partake of your offer.

Our Clients should close at least 15%-30% of the leads we send.

Our competition often boasts about the number of leads they send. That's because they have nothing else to promote. Their leads are not qualified, in fact, they're often "blasted" out to every client they have. That can result in a lot of leads, but very few qualified leads.

The end result is that you, as a client of one of our competitors, are likely to spend the bulk of your time sorting through stacks of leads, looking for a good one, or you'll spend all your time calling back people who have no interest in doing business with you.

With Vertical Alliance Group, you get nothing but qualified leads. We never send a lead to more than one company. That person (lead) has had an opportunity to learn everything about you, and if you have certain requirements, he has already decided that he meets those as well. By the time he submits his information to you, and only you, he is as qualified as he can be.

That means you spend less time pre-qualifying, and more time selling, recruiting or otherwise closing your deal.

Using our system, you should be able to close between 15-30% of the leads we send you. That's based on historical data from all our sites. Some companies have had much higher closing percentages.

Here's an example that was sent to us by one of our trucking clients.




% Hired

Leads from Vertical Alliance Group

90 30 30%

Leads from other Internet sites

1092 1 0.09%

This is a perfect illustration of the value of a qualified lead. Less is more. How do you think the recruiter felt going through 1092 applications to get 1 hire? A qualified lead will make your recruiters or salespeople more effective and more positive.

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