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Il Duomo in Bologna

Referred just as “The Duomo” or “Il Duomo”, the Basilica of San Petronio is the most important church of Bologna. It is situated in the Piazza Maggiore. The façade of this huge Gothic cathedral was built in honor of the city’s patron saint, who was also bishop in the fifth century AD. The legend said that the construction was shortened by papal decree when the Vatican realized that the basilica would be larger than San Peter’s Basilica of Rome. If you are a history lover, you will surely be delighted with the particular describing of this cathedral. For example, the sister of General Napoleon Bonaparte, Elisa Bonaparte, is buried here.

Although the basilica was never perfectly finished, it enjoyed a great recognition due to its impressive beauty and size. If you travel to Bologna, it is definitely a “must do” to visit this church, which is the fifth greatest church in the world. You will love the Renaissance sculpture in the central door, which is a masterpiece created by Jacopo Della Quercia of Siena. The interior is remarkable for its immensity and for the colors of the walls. The stained glass windows inside are notable too. Another important characteristic is the longest sundial in the world built by the famous astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini in 1655.

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