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The McCartney’s Home

If you travel to England, one of the most famous places that you should visit is the McCartney’s house in Liverpool. Located in 20 Forthlin Road in south Liverpool, this house was the home of musician Paul McCartney, a member of the memorable rock music band “The Beatles”. Called as “the birthplace of The Beatles”, it was in this house where The Beatles composed and practiced their first songs. Today, the house is owned and maintained by the National Trust, which is an independent organization that preserves and protects historic buildings. They organize four daily tours for groups of 14 people, and normally, it also includes a visit to Mendips, the past home of John Lennon.

At the McCartney’s house, you will have the opportunity to see contemporary photographs by Michael McCartney, the brother of Sir Paul McCartney. In addition, you will also see other interesting features given by the McCartney brothers. Therefore, whether you are an authentic fan of The Beatles or a regular tourist, you will love to visit the historic place where the success of this band began with songs like “Love Me Do” and “I Saw Her” which they composed in that little terrace.

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