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Bulgaria: Wonderful Churches

The Republic of Bulgaria is an European country located in the southeast of the continent. It is bordered by Rumania in the north, by Greece and Turkey in the south, and by Serbia and Montenegro and the Republic of Macedonia in the west. Its official language is the Bulgarian, which uses the Cyrillic alphabet.

The weather in Bulgaria is continental until near the Black Sea. It is warm in the summer and damp and cold in the winter. In the depression of Sofia winters are harsh, with temperatures of up to -21º.

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia. In that city, you should not miss visiting the Church of Alexander Nevsky, the Church of Santa Sofia, Tumbar, the Unknown Soldier, the Gallery of Foreign Art, the Mausoleum of Jorge Dimitrov, the National Art Gallery, the National Archeological Museum, the Church of San Jorge, and Mount Vitosha.

Other interesting places include Bankya and its mineral springs, Samokov, the Rila Monastery, Koprivshtitsa, Hisarya, Polvdiv, the Bachkovo Monastery, Burgas, Sozopol, Nesebar, Balchink, Pliska, Shumen, Ruse, Veliko Turnovo, Arbanasi, Pleven—where you can take a walk in Skobelve Park or go to the Iliya Beshov Art Gallery—, and Vidin, where the Osman Mosque is located.

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