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The Affleck’s Palace: A Great Buying Experience!

Located on the corner of Church Street and Tib Street in The Northern Quarter in Manchester, the revitalized building of Affleck’s Palace was opened in 1982. For several years, this place has offered young tourists that listen to music such as punk, hip hop, rock, grunge, and heavy metal, shops where they can buy numerous products of their favorite bands as well as other curious merchandises. From CDS, t-shirts and trainers to haircuts, fashion cuts and tattoos, this building is full of alternative boutiques and punk style stores. Although it is a place specially designed for young people such as students, here you will find people of all ages that approach to do shopping.

A large number of independent small chain shops and boutiques operate offering different things for people with eclectic styles. Some great shops in the Affleck’s Palace are such as Strawberry Peach, No Angel, Thunder Egg, Under Your Hat, American Graffiti, Vampire Bunnies, Attic Shop, Afro Saxon and Bags of Flavor. In general, the prices here are much lower than in the exclusive market stores, precisely as young people prefer. Therefore, if you want to experience a different and unique way of shopping, the Affleck’s Palace is the appropriate place for you!

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