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Azerbaijan: The Birth of European History

Azerbaijan is a state of the southwestern Asia, bordered to the east by the Caspian Sea, to the east with Armenia, to the north with Georgia and Russia, and to the south by Iran. It occupies an area of 87,000 square kilometers and has an approximate population of 7,398,000 inhabitants.

Azerbaijan is one of the ancient countries of the extinct Soviet Union that tries to progress. In addition to the beauty of its valleys and mountains, Azerbaijan has rescued in time some of the remnants of the oldest civilizations of Europe. Its geography is characterized by plains in which the main river, Kura, lows. A mountain area is located to the north; it has mountains that exceed the 4,000 meters above sea level, and it extends to the Apseron Peninsula, while in the south the Lesser Caucasus fuses with the plateau of Armenia.

The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku. Other important cities include Gyandzaha, Sumbait, and Nakhichevan. The weather in the country varies depending on the zone: subtropical in the Lenkoran plains and benign in the rest of the country with scarce rain. The official language of the country is the Azerbaijani, but other languages, especially Russian and Armenian, are also spoken.

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