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Ancient Agora of Athens: Where The Philosophers Were Inspired!

One of the most famous places in Greece and that was the heart of ancient Athens is the Agora. It was an important center of commercial, political, social and administrative activity in the city’s history. The Greek Archaeological Society carried out the first excavation campaigns from 1859 to 1912. Since then, many excavations, restorations and work has been done to offer to the public and the world one of the most important Archaeological sites in the world. The main monuments of the Agora are the Stoa of Zeus Eleutherios, the Monument of the Eponymous Heroes, the Temple of Apollo Patroos, the Altar of the Twelve Gods, the Tholos, the Temple of Hephaistos, the Odeion of Agrippa, the Metroon, the Royal Stoa and the Bouleuterion.

Visitors will be able to see the majesty and beauty of the well preserved monuments and statues of the Agora as well as to know more about the fascinating Greek gods. The history of Greek ancient civilization is preserved and alive in this mystic place. So, if you desire to take a walk where Socrates met his friends and enjoy the place where the famous Greek philosophers were inspired, visit the great Ancient Agora of Athens.

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