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Belarus: Syncretism between Orient and Occident

Belarus is bordered by Poland to the west, by Lithuania to the northwest, by Russia to the north and northeast, and by Ukraine to the south. Before its independence, it was known as the White Russia. Belarus has an approximate population of 10,360,000 inhabitants, it has six provinces and its capital is Minsk. The official languages of the country are Belarusian, one of the three East Slavic languages, and Russian.

The imperial age in which czars dominated Russia shines in our memory thanks to the luxury of its courts. Byelorussia has been, through history, one of the most important countries of the recently born Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). This mix between Orient and Occident is, perhaps, the biggest attractive of Byelorussia.
If you go to Belarus, you must visit Minsk, the country’s capital, and the cities of Mogilev, Gomel, Vitebsk, Orsha, and Grodno. Belarus has many cities full of great cultural wealth, with numerous churches and museums, interesting handicraft, amazing nature trails with varied fauna and flora, and pine forests and marshes, especially in the south. Weather in Belarus is continental with extreme temperatures both in summer, very warm, and in winter, very cold. Rain is abundant.

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