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The Picturesque Alfama in Lisbon

One of the most emblematic and important quarter in Lisbon, Portugal is the Alfama. Although it was devastated by an earthquake in 1755, the Alfama has preserved much of its original attraction. You will surely love its narrow cobblestone streets and the strings of pepper and garlic adorning the old taverns. Some houses of the quarter are so close together that it is impossible to stretch your arms widely in numerous places. As Federico de Brito expressed in one of its poems, “your house is so close to mine! In the starry night's bliss, to exchange a tender kiss, our lips easily meet, high across the narrow street”.

Another great picture you will love to see in street markets of the Alfama is the intensely colored vegetables from the countryside, the pineapples from the Azores, the bananas from Madeira and the variety of fish. Also, you should visit Santo Estevão (St. Stephen), one of the oldest churches in Lisbon built in the 13th century and the Rua da Judiaria which is an emotional reminder of the past too. Therefore, if you travel to Portugal, a great idea is to visit this picturesque quarter. A good advice is to walk around by day, because in the nights can be a little bit dangerous.

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