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Bosnia and Herzegovina: In Quest for Tolerance

In the heart of the Balkans, placed between Croatia and Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been for two thousand years a rendezvous between Orient and Occident. Here, Byzantine culture was founded with the Catholic Rome until the Turkish power imposed in the XV century. This unique history has created one of the more fascinating cultures of Europe, with a heterogeneous population of Croats, Serbs, and Slavs converted to Islam and sharing a common place.

The 51,129 square kilometers of Bosnia and Herzegovina are eminently mountainous, and they are located in the western Balkan Peninsula, almost isolated from the Adriatic Sea by Croatia. Most of the rivers of the country run toward the north to flow into the Sava. Only the Neretva River leads its waters to the Adriatic Sea, to the south, since Mostar and to its opening in Ploce. In Bosnia and Herzegovina there are more than 30 mountains that rise between 1,700 and 2,386 meters high.

The weather in this country is continental in its interior (toward the north, in Bosnia, it is mountainous and humid, while to the south, in Herzegovina, non-fertile plateaus prevail) and of Mediterranean type in the proximities of the coast. In the Adriatic coast, in winter, there is an average of 10 centigrade degrees and in summer of 26 degrees.

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