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Denmark: The Little Mermaid of the Baltic

A bronze statue of a mermaid watches over the marine horizon in Copenhagen. It is the symbol of a land that peers above the Baltic with grace not unlike the sea nymphs. The richness of its history and its natural beauty, scattered by an irregular land spread in the waters, make Denmark a fascinating destiny. The country that debates between Old Europe’s solid ground and Scandinavian cold has much to tell to everyone who comes to visit it. Danes are kind and welcoming, which makes this place even more attractive.

In Denmark you will find modern cities together with traditional villages in an enviable natural frame. In addition to a varied landscape that bounces from the islands to the continent in a daring contrast, you could go on tours through its vast territory and navigate in cruisers to its islands, visit monuments and enjoy the many activities that this dynamic country offers.

Similarly to its north neighbors, Denmark benefits from warm water in the part of the Golf current that runs through the Atlantic from the Caribbean. This influences the weather, which often varies greatly depending on the season. The months of April and May are soft. From June to August it is warmer, and the sun does not set until the 21.00 hours. In autumn, wind and rain predominate, and the winter brings with it chills and snow. The average temperature in Copenhagen is of 0 centigrade degrees in January, 13 degrees in May, 20 in August, and 6 in November.

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