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England: Pride of Elegance and Beauty

The main island of the British Isles, where England is located, offers diverse landscapes and a wonderful natural place in good conditions for both, the sport lovers and those who delight with contemplation. Cities are full of green fields in any corner and also of monuments and unforgettable environments. The culture is another motivation; concerts, exhibitions, museums, theater, dance are an excellent spectrum of possibilities for the lovers of art. Definitely, the trip to this country will return culture and nature at the same time, achieving to feed the spirit.

Great Britain comprises the major island of the British Isles, divided in three historical regions: England, Gales, and Scotland, in addition to Northern Ireland and approximately 5,000 minor islands. In all these places, traditions of centuries ago are still preserved, as well as remnants of other nations beyond the seas, a glossary of cultures offspring of an adventurous past that has known to blend with the most modern technologies and ideas achieving a unique product.

Great Britain has a variable weather. From one day to the next, regardless of the season, it can vary noticeably. Summers are soft with a sunny and dry weather in most part of the country, and temperatures often reach 21 centigrade degrees and are hardly lower than 14 degrees. Autumn and spring bestow a special beauty upon the land, being these the ideal seasons for visiting the country, and in winter cold is rarely extreme.

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