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France: Harmony of the European Legend

The magic of the past, the wonder of the future, and the vitality of the present share widely a single place: France. It is possible that this harmony that keeps ancestral cities together with places that move beyond the most advanced technologic development is product of a trait that identifies the French: that of who are capable of subtracting to reality, without losing it from sight, because finally, what makes France a place of dreams is not its beautiful landscapes, its modern cities or its scientific advances, but that capability of its inhabitants to see beyond what others see, to feel life in its splendid dreaminess and wander off in the delights it offers, without the giddiness produced by detaching one’s feet from the ground.

In order to know France, you have to watch its men and women as amazing actors and actresses in a big stage, performing a placid play of harmony when they make their wines, their perfumes, their fabrics, when they go out to their streets and mix with everyone without losing their individuality, when they climb their mountains or rest in their beaches. It is a play that never ends, that goes on every day and that, in the huge scenario of humankind, has attracted a great audience that, hypnotized, applauds frenetically at the French people unaware that for them, that is just their normal life.

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