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Georgia: Living Nature in the Dead Sea

From the 13,000 feet high of the highest peaks to the savage beaches of the Dead Sea, Georgia offers hundreds of magical corners, perfect to enjoy high risk sports or calm walks. There are also plenty of lakes like Ladoga with 18,400 square kilometers, Onega with 9,610, Rybins with 4,100 and Peipus with 3,550 km.

Georgia borders with the southern slope of the Caucasus, between Azerbaijan and the Black Sea, and it is bordered to the south by Turkey. Georgia occupies an area of 69,700 square kilometers, and to the west, in the proximities of the Black Sea, plains with subtropical weather prevail, while in the inside of the country it is mountainous, with peaks higher than the Caucasus, some with more than 13,000 feet of altitude.

The official tongue of Georgia is Georgian, but other languages, especially Russian and Armenian are also spoken. Its capital is Tbilisi, where you can visit the parliament and government buildings, the Tbilisi State Opera Theatre, the Sameba Cathedral, the Church of Anchiskhati and the Church of Metekhi, several state museums, and Vorontsov’s Palace. Its other major cities, Kutaisi and Batumi, have more amazing examples of architecture, churches, museums, and gardens.

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