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Faeroe Islands: Paradise of Birds

The Faeroe Islands are a group of 18 islands of the Atlantic, between Iceland and Scotland, with rainy weather and moderate temperatures in winter and summer. Only 6 percent of the region is farmed, and the main products for cultivation are market garden products, and ovine livestock is important in all islands. 20 percent of the population fabricates handicraft. Fishing takes up a 21 percent and contributes with 95 percent of the total exportations. With the decrease of hunt fishing grounds, the islands have invested in cultivation of salmon since the 80’s decade and they have become one of the ten main producers in a global level.

In the capital, Torshavn, you can discover the history of the Faeroe Islands, its museums and its people. It has a beautiful Nordic landscape and many places to explore around the Skalafjørður fjord and the Borðoy Island. In the Faeroe Islands you can find thousands of birds and dozens of typical species from the north of Europe. You can travel from island to island in helicopter, or go in an excursion to Mykens, to the dunes of Sandoy and to the cliffs of Kalsoy. You can also dive and explore the various shipwrecks that rest in the coasts of the islands.

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